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Contract # Project Description  Contact Agency
Cont.# 5 Job 1206 Benchmark Construction AMRS Warranty  Commercial 
INA14PX00884 Drain and Flush Gear Box Headgate Dam BIA 
PO 1382 Lima Tank Plant Fire Alarm Design and Install  CMS
INA15PX00260 Pole Mounted Primary Metering BIA
INA15PX00717 Service Study For Electric UT BIA
W91ZRU15P0039 Liquid Filled Transformer DOD
W91ZRU-15-P-0039 Isleson XMFR Supply DOD
INA15PX01173 Testing Services On Breakers, Transor BIA
INA15PX01336 Equipment Rental BIA
INA15PX01354 Transformer Disposal & Refurbish BIA
PO 0715-215-03 SMM Hawaii Facility Distrabution install  CMS IDIQ
CMS PO 1863 CMS Hawaii Outside Plant Power and Coms Install Navy
INA15PX01877 Micropulse Transducer BIA
INA15PX02028 Install Two New Boilers BIA
INA15PX02177 RWL Water Aerators For Sewer Pond WES BIA
INA16PX00032 3 Canal Gate Actuators. Notice Of Indian Small Bus BIA
DeWA0003212 Mead Lead Cable Removal Mead WAPA
INA16PX01075 Circuit Breakers BIA
DEWA0003549 Transformer Bushing Type  ""O Plus C"" 69KV, PAD KY DOE
A16PX01466 Colorado River Agency Electrical Services; Standalone Surveillance  DOI
A16PX01478 CRA Vegetation Management Services DOI
NATSO11925 Accelorator Laboratory NATS
A16PX01603 Water Damage Repair DOI
A16PX01659 Terrain Radio Program DOI
A16PX01581 CRA Radio Program DOI
NATSO11927 Folsom Dam Transformer Supply NATS
 PO AG-1102 IHI Aurora Generation ISO Bus Inspection  IHI Generation
A16PX02285 Hot Water Heater Install BIA
A17PX00457 Commercial Hot Water Heaters and accessories DOI
A17PX00470 Arc Flash Study DOI
A17PX00461 Ductile Iron Class 2 Utility Poles  DOI
A17PX00497 Text Books DOI
DJBP0510SAY10001 La Tuna Testing  Federal Bereau of Prisons 
4502006268 Folsom XMFR Repairs  ABB Commerical 
A17PX00540 Green House Coverings  BIA SWRO 00007
A17PX00623 Plumbing Supplies  BIA NAVAJO 00009
A17PX00646  Privacy Fence Repair BIA WRO 00011
A17PX00621 Generator Rental BIA SWRO 00007
A17PX00789 Walk In Cooler BIA NAVAJO 00009
A17PX00696 River Meters  BIA WRO 00011
A17PX00846 LVOC 9800 5 Watt Utility Locator Kit: T BIA NAVAJO 00009
A17PX00883 Water Coolers Unit Heat Refrigeration  BIA NAVAJO 00009
G17PX00427 F11 Electrical Work USGS OAG Denver
A17PX01390 Washer Dryer  BIA SPRO 00003
W912QR17T0062 Brookville Generator Supply and Install Army COE
A17PX01705 Custodial No Touch Equipment DOI, BIA SPRO
DE-WA0004525 WAPA Material WAPA (UGP)
W44W9M-17-P-0457 150 KUA XMFR Contracting Office DA
R17PX00747 Schneier Radios Buerau of Reclemation
R17PC00136 Hammond Trash Rake Replacement Bureau of Reclamation
A17PX01765 Portable Garage  BIA SPRO 00003
A17PX01768 Solar Pumps  BIA SPRO 00003
OR-RSF-000326 Commercial Plotters  USDA Forest Service
DE-WA-0004577 WAPA Transmission Line Hardware  WAPA (UGP)
28321317P00050070 Nickel Cadmium Batteries Social Security Admin
15B41818PTP140003A Terre Haute Testing  FOP Terre Haute 
140G0218Q0019 N Installation of Electriclal Subpanels For F11  
15B41818T2E40001 Emergency Repair To Upgrade Electrical In Old Powerhouse  



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