CMS Hawaii


Award Number: CMSPO1863


Scope of Work:

•   Excavate duct bank trenches in accordance with the approved design.

• The excavation activities will be performed in accordance with the earthwork technical specifications.

• Upon concrete placement and proper cure time, the SUBCONTRACTOR will backfill and compact the duct bank trenches using the onsite spoils.

• Density testing shall be performed in accordance with the approve earthwork technical specifications

• All testing data shall be provided to CMS upon completion of testing.



Arc Flash Study


Award Number: A17PX00461


Scope of Work:


Contractor’s Duties and Required Tasks:

• Project Coordination

• Preform Qualitative and Quantitative Arc Flash Risk Management Assessment for HGRD and CRAES

• Develop an Arc Flash Risk Mitigation Schema

• Implement the Accepted Arc Flash Rick Mitigation Schema

• Submit Comprehensive Final Reports to COR 



La Tuna Testing 


Award Number: PO51017000012


Scope of Work:

• Refurbish FCI Powerhouse Switch Gear in accordance with Statement of Work from the solicitation.

• Due to the security of the institution, meet all security needs as indicated by the facilities manager or contracting officer representative.

• Perform all work and meet all specifications of the solicitation.



Accelerator Laborator 


Award Number: NATSO11925


Scope of Work:

• Provide a three phase, 12.47kV to 480Y/227V Dry-Type Cast Coil enclosed transformer as described here in specification section.

• Individually mounted transformer operating 12.47kV delta, 95 kV BIL, 60 Hz, 480Y/277V secondary wye, 30 kV BIL secondary, for power of lighting applications.

• Transformer impedance shall not be less than 5.75%, which covers medium- voltage transformer as specified.

• Provide delivery of transformer to SLAC site at 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA 94205, Building 016.



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